5 Best Micro-Chains for Listening to Music with Hi-Fi Sound


High fidelity sound is a characteristic that many prefer to play good music. That is why the best micro-chains are still very sought after, especially because they have allowed themselves to optimize their characteristics. Today, they are still great competition for another class of stereo sound equipment.

The manufacturers have been able to incorporate functions to read MP3 files, tune Internet radio stations, among other important qualities. In addition, the current design of the majority is usually very beautiful and modern. It is worth paying the euros they cost to have them, not only as a good player but also as an accessory that gives good appearance at home.

When selecting, there are many options. The brand is a point that must be taken into account. The good quality and the guarantee too. As for the price, as there is so much competition in the market, you will surely find from the least expensive to some very high.

Everything depends on what suits your budget. Always look for the one that is more affordable and that in turn has excellent benefits.

What is the best micro-chain?

Reviewing a comparison before buying is highly recommended. When several users have tested the power and sharpness in the sound and their opinion is good, you have to look at that micro-chain. Regarding this, here is a list of the 5 best rated online, so you can guide and make the right decision which is available on thegadgetspro. Here we present the best micro chains:

1. Sony CMT-SBT100 – Microphone of 50 W

This model of the renowned Japanese brand has a power of 50 watts and comes equipped with CD player, AM / FM radio, Bluetooth, NFC and USB port. It has two independent black speakers that match the player that comes in black and gray. For wireless transmission with Bluetooth and NFC there is no need to pair it because it has a one-touch system. It emits very sharp high-pitched sounds and powerful bass sounds from its amplifiers and Bass Reflex. When using it with USB it is possible to navigate the folders with a remote control. It also brings a shutdown timer. It is enough for a living because of its output power of 25 watts.

2. Pioneer X-CM35- K

With two independent speakers, it has remote control, front USB port, Bluetooth and a base to connect iPod and iPhone. The IPad can be connected via USB. It has a power of 30 watts and of course includes AM / FM radio and a CD player. Its design has a very minimalist style, few buttons and straight lines and sober. Its dimensions are 20 x 25.7 x 12.3 cm so it is perfect for small spaces.

3. LG OM4560 – Microphone (220 W, Bluetooth, LED)

This player has an integrated cornet and a total power of 220 W. It includes Bluetooth connection to play music stored on the Smartphone, both iOS and Android. It can also be paired with a Smart TV of the same brand to listen wirelessly to the TV audio. It has an LED panel to regulate the sound and the speaker lights up to the rhythm of the music. It is powerful and easy to transport. There is a good quality price relation.

4. Philips MCM2350 / 12 – Micro-system with Bassreflex 70 W system

It is a small micro-chain with large speakers that are connected by cables. Its power is 70 watts and has a digital tuner to preset radio stations with greater comfort. It includes a remote control with 21 buttons to regulate all its functions. It has alarm option, audio input for Smartphones and USB port for music with MP3 format. As usual it offers a CD player.

5. Panasonic SC-PM250EC- S

Its small dimensions that reach 20 x 25.7 x 12.3 cm allow it to be easily located in any home space. It has two powerful 20 watt speakers as well as its electrical power. Includes a sleep timer, CD player, CD-R and CD-RW. It is compatible with Bluetooth to pair it with devices such as Smartphones. Its design is elegant and silver. The radio tuner is digital and its display is on an LCD screen. For more info click here.

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