10 Best Travel Affiliate Programs in 2020

Loving the feel of traveling and every adventure you experience along with it, is something that has taken a great place around the internet and people’s lives nowadays. So it’s not anymore just a desire to outburst your love for traveling and moving around, but rather a possible act for anyone who wants to do so.

Yeah, you heard that right! You can now fulfill your passion for traveling, adventure, exotic holiday planning, escaping and everything alike without even having to worry about your source of earning. Know how? It’s simple. You can do that by starting a travel blog and partnering with a travel affiliate programs that pays you to travel and promote their deals and products, while you experience the time of your life!

Affiliate Programs

Now if you’re new at the travel blogging business and haven’t got much to do with the affiliate programs related to traveling, then here’s a quick intro to it.

So basically affiliate programs for traveling means being connected with travel merchandises, and being affiliated to them so that you can promote them on your travel website and receive their offers (as finalized) in return.
Now although there are a huge variety and numbers of travel affiliate program that are either well-known and gain a lot of popularity or either newly emerged. But you can’t quite be sure which one’s the best for your new or well-placed travel blog; that can actually get you some profit in the long run.

10 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

So to help you out on that and get you started just the right way, here are 10 best travel affiliate program that would help you make more money in 2020.

1. Expedia

Expedia is basically known to be the best and top travel affiliate program that has access to almost 500,000 hotels all around the world. This is why, it is the perfect affiliate program for you to use and promote on your website, and also earn up to 3%-11% commission per transaction according to the type of transaction you make.

2. Hotels Combined

Another great and one of the best-known travel affiliate programs that is used and trusted by thousands of travelers worldwide to book there stay is the Hotels Combined Affiliate Program. It is a great platform for hotel comparison and to choose from a variety of hotel options. And with all that comes their great commission deals for affiliate promoters from about $0.50-$2 per every lead that reaches to their website through you.

3. Amazon Associate Programs

Now when you start as a travel blogger, you also need to promote travel products along with traveling platforms and hotels. And for that, what can be a much better place than the world’s largest online shopping platform itself i.e. Amazon. Now you don’t only get amazing products from here, but also a commission for every product you promote from it. The commission rate of amazon starts at 4% usually, but they vary from product to product.

4. Bookings.com

Now we all know how much well recognized Booking.com is around the world, right? So this has a great possibility that you can receive a good commission through their travel affiliate program to promote their online accommodation deals. Now according to the estimations, they pay about 25% commission on each booking you generate for them. Now you can earn about 40% according to the bookings you make in a month.

5. Cruise Direct

Another one of the leading and fast-emerging platforms that work in travel bookings, vacation cruise bookings and much more, is the Cruse Direct platform. Also, you get to earn a good amount of about 3% commission on every successful gross sales you make for them as a travel affiliate program.

6. Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is known to be one of the most trusted travel programs worldwide, which is a safe option for millions of people around the globe to find suitable accommodations at great prices. Here you get about 5% commissions on each transaction of either hotel or resort booking.

7. TripAdvisor

This one’s known to be one of the oldest travel affiliate programs to be trusted and used by people around the world. And so, millions of people trust it, especially for its great deals and commission program. Here you’ll be earning about 50% standard commission and 80% affiliate commission varying from the type of product you promote on your website to the transaction value.

8. STA

Another well-known and popular travel affiliate program is the STA affiliate program, which is popular especially among the youth travelers and hotel traveler bloggers which offers you a great commission percentage on every flight and tour you take or promote for them. The commission rate here is about 0% on tours along with every successful transaction made.

9. Wego

here all the travel bloggers and affiliate marketers get an exclusive network of an affiliate that allows you to earn a good amount of money for promoting travel products through the extensive number of affiliate programs they provide. Now once you’re an affiliate in their affiliate network, you get 0.05-0.40$ per every flight exit click and 0.20-0.80$for every hotel exit click.

10. Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet referral program is known to be one of the biggest travel guide book publishers around the world, that publishes magazines, guides for traveling, eBooks, etc. Now with this comes the earning benefit for you, where they pay you a great commission to its affiliate promoters that book travel trips with flights, hotels and so. This affiliate program has 2 commission programs on their digital books and travel guides. As you receive 15% commission on every print and digital book, and 12% for every travel guide.


Now there’s a huge amount of travel affiliate platforms that you find now and then on the web, but you can’t be sure on which one to actually trust here to get your earning going and great.
So when it comes to trusting an affiliate program and getting along with it to affiliate with them, you need to be sure who you’re trusting with your time and efforts. That’s why these 10 Best travel affiliate programs are aligned for you to make the best possible decision in terms of affiliating with an online platform.

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