7 WordPress Directory Plugins You Can’t Afford to Miss In 2020

Did you remember those bulky phone directories that we used to find phone numbers two decades back? The Internet is also loaded with directories and websites get themselves featured on these directories so they can easily be found by users. These online directories can have different applications and serve multiple purposes.

For instance, Yelp is a great source to find restaurants and services near you while Angie List focuses on connecting users with contractors for electrical work, plumbing and landscaping to name just a few. Both these directories serve different purposes but they both are directories.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Directory?

Yes, there are hundreds of WordPress directory plugins out there but which ones you should choose? Here are some of the features you should look for in WordPress directory plugin before integrating it on your website.

• Customizable form fields
• Integrated map feature with support for location-based searches
• Ability to add new listings and tweak old ones
• Payment collection options
• Access to back end tools
• Access to front end submission features
• Ratings and reviews system
• Support for multimedia
• Short codes and widgets that make it easy for users to embed on the website.

In this article, you will learn about seven best WordPress directory plugins that you can not afford to miss in 2020.

1. Geo Directory Plugin

Geo Directory calls itself, “The world’s most advanced and scalable WordPress directory plugin”. What makes this WordPress directory plugin stand out from other competitors is its search interface. When a user searches for a business, listings are displayed by proximity so users can easily see businesses located near their location. By using this plugin, you can make it easy for your website visitors to find what they are looking for. With a front-end form, you can also allow other businesses to submit their listing, which can help you grow your directory quickly.

Thanks to its integration with Google Maps, Geo Directory shows a clickable map beside every listing, which makes it easy for users to locate the business. Remember that businesses who are listed on your directory will have access to Google Analytics data so they can easily track results. If you are charging for listings, you can justify it by using Google Analytics data.

2. Business Directory Plugin

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that offers all the basic features, then look no further than Business Directory Plugin. If you want more features, you can also download add-ons, but these add-ons are paid. Business Directory plugin also offers a complete bundle of add on which would cost you $199. You can also buy these add on modules separately which would cost you $69.99.

If you want to offer different plans to your customers and charge for listings, you can easily do that with this plugin, thanks to its support for payment. If your business directory already has thousands of businesses listed, you can easily upload a CSV file. The built in CAPTCHA tool blocks spam and the image options makes it easy for you to order and adjust image thumbnails.

3. Connection Business Directory Plugin

Ever wished there could be a WordPress directory plugin that blends simplicity with unique features? Well, there is a plugin and it is called Connection Business Directory Plugin. Built with compatibility and configuration in mind, this WordPress directory plugin is one of the most flexible plugins you can find.

Just like other plugins on this list, the plugin is free to download but if you want more features, you will have to pay for add-ons and extensions. These add-ons and extensions cost anywhere from $5 to $75. If you don’t want to design the directory from scratch, you can choose from a wide range of premium templates offered by developers. With more than 180 action hooks and 300 filters on GitHub, it also offers excellent support for developers.

4. Sabai Directory

If you are looking for a cheaper paid alternative, Sabai Directory plugin should be on top of your list. It will cost you $29 and you will get six months of support from the developers. Not only that, users can get their hands on all the basic features they need. This means that you don’t have to shell out extra money on purchasing add-ons. This WordPress directory plugin is sold through Code Canyon, a marketplace that sells code scripts at an affordable price.

This WordPress plugin is designed to create a directory site structure for businesses, restaurants and online stores. It is a great choice for those who wants to create a full-fledged online directory to compete with the likes of Yelp and Google Places. The visual form editor makes it easy to create custom form fields. Ability to collect payments through PayPal and Stripe is a big bonus.

5. LDD Directory Lite

As the name suggests, it is a lightweight WordPress directory plugin which makes it easy to install. Visit the LDD web design site to download this plugin and other extensions for social sharing, social media login, import, export and reviews. The core plugin is free, but extensions vary in terms of pricing. The good news is that you get most of the features in the free version.

LDD directory lite generates a short code which you can add to any page on your website even if you have managed WordPress hosting. This will automatically create a directory and even let you customize the look and feel of your directory. If you want a WordPress directory plugin where you don’t have to mess around with many features but gets the job done, then look no further than LDD Directory lite.

6. Toolset Directory

What distinguishes toolset directory plugin from other WordPress directory plugin is its ability to create directory websites without writing any PHP code. What’s more, it can integrate with WPML, Elementor, Woo Commerce and more. Yes, $149 price for first year and $111 price for renewals might be a bit on the higher side but when you look at the unique features it offers, you realize that is worth investing in this WordPress plugin.
Here are some of the unique features Toolset Directory plugin offer:

• Category Trees
• Support for custom post types, form fields and taxonomies
• Integration with payment gateways
• Multiple search filters and AJAX support
• Ability to display results in many different ways.

7. Name Directory

Instead of following in the footsteps of other WordPress directory plugins, Name directory takes a different approach. It is basically a glossary where the admin creates a list of names and related terms and shares them on a page for external and internal use. It can come in handy when you have to create an online glossary of terms or your employees want to list out employee details. Even though the plugin is free, don’t expect to get support beyond the forum area. It also generates a short code which you can use on any page of your website.
Which WordPress directory plugin do you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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