How To Extract URLs from Google’s Web SERPs

How to extract url from Google Serps

Here I will show you how to extract URLs from Google search result pages utlilizing this Javascript bookmarklet.

Here is the step by step process to extract URLs.

1. Install Chrome. This bookmarklet will works using a Chrome browser.

install chrome

2. After succesfully installing the chrome browser install ginfinity plugin for Chrome. This will remove the restriction of search results per page.


You can also unrestrict the search limit per page going to settings -> search settings -> results per page and move it to 100 results per page.

search settings

If you working with hundred of websites then you will probably benefit from increasing the number of search results per page. As we know that by default the Google is set to return 10 results per page but you can now easily increase the results to 100.

3. Now go to Google and start your search query. You can use various Google search operators to extract URLs of your website or your competitor website.

You can find pages with a certain word in title.


It is similar to “intitle,” but the results contain all of the specified words in the title tag that will be returned.

allintitle:WordPress themes

This query will help you to find pages with a certain word or words in the URL.


It is similar to “inurl,” but the results contain all of the specified words in the URL that will be returned.

allinurl:WordPress themes

It will find pages containing a certain word or words somewhere in the content.


It is somehow similar to “intext,” but the results contain all of the specified words somewhere on the page that will be returned.

allintext:WordPress themes

4. Drag and drop this bookmarklet to your ‘Bookmarks’ Toolbar in Chrome.

5. Once you have placed the bookmarklet in your Chrome toolbar, and making sure that you have your list of Google SERPS in front of you, click on the bookmarlet. After clicking the bookmarklet a new window will open and display all the URLs and anchor text in a list.

search query mashable

bookmarklet chrome

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