Must have Features for WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular and preferred platform to launch business websites. According to the WordPress official site, “WordPress now powers over 1/3rd of the top 10 million sites. Our market share has been growing steadily over the last few years, going from 29.9% just one year ago to 33.4% now. We are, of course, quite proud of these numbers!”

However, WordPress offers extensive opportunities to increase sales and revenues. It provides multiple free and paid themes to uplift the website to the next level with advanced features such as easy to use, customization, and third-party integration services.

This platform is based on open source technology, which helps WordPress websites to meet with the latest trends. In order to meet the steps with the latest trends and leverage the benefits of WordPress features, it is essential for the Startups and large enterprises to integrate the latest features to the websites. The best way to launch a site is conduct thorough research on WordPress experts for hire.

In this blog, we are listing some features that corporate websites will not afford to miss. The below features will help to boost the revenue of your business.

Must-Have Features in the WordPress Websites

Personalized Chatbots

Chatbots refers to virtual assistance and simplifies the interaction process between humans and computers. It helps to hit the market and increase productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Bots offer seamless communication and provide instant smart replies to the users. It helps to sort out the quarries and increase user engagement by approaching several global market standards.

Relevant Submission Forms

Now with technologies, website features have been enhanced and they don’t seem boring anymore. Submission forms are not confined only till the basic information and template, it includes several more information Name, Email, and Contact number.

With WordPress plugins, developers can easily integrate appealing and smart condition submission form, which is based on easy to use functionality, that helps to contact the entities easily.

The form automatically displays in a form that visitors are looking for the service. With a contact form, some detailed information regarding service can be obtained by the users. It helps to bring transparency and it increases the trust factor among users.

Google Analytics Tracker

For businesses to increase sales, it is essential to offer services as per their desire. With Google analytics tracker, WordPress owners can easily review the actions of the users and their preferences. It helps to read the mind of the customers and serve them in which they are interested in.

It helps to do relevant future business planning and come up with ideas as per the user’s preference. WordPress developers should integrate the Google Analytics feature that helps marketers to understand how their services interact with real users.

Faster Page Load

In this fast-paced world, no one has time to wait and users avoid slow experiences. Loading speed should be accurate for the websites, pages should be load faster on websites it helps to increase user experience and reduces the bounce rate.

Slow page loading speed, affects websites ranking and performance on the different Search Engine platforms such as Google and Firefox.

Smart Search

Integrate smart search feature to the WordPress website, it helps to search the items, products or services easily for the users. It is a free search feature from Google, users only have to integrate it with the websites from Google accounts.

It is better to integrate the website with the same account of Google Analytics, this will help to verify the account.

Social Media Integration

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helps to reach a wider audience. It is the most trending platform to connect with people on a regular basis. Developers should choose the theme, which allows integrating different social media accounts.

Developers can also integrate it with the plugin but they should search for the theme which has an inbuilt social media integration feature. It allows the users to reach a huge network and also helps the relevant audience to bring on the websites.

Voice Search

Voice Search is the trending feature nowadays as it makes searching into effortless. Siri, Google Now, or Cortana is the most used and popular voice search feature. Integrating a voice-search feature helps business websites to meet with the next and advanced level.

In WordPress, developers can integrate this feature with different voice search plugins as per their suitable feature which meets your business requirements.


These are advanced and must-have features in the WordPress business websites. It helps users to easily use the websites without any hurdle and it also leads to increase the user experience.

Integrating these features turns as a smart step as these minor features have an ability to change online presence style, which helps to boost the sales and earn high revenue.

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