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Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing Properly?

It is frustrating to see that when you are trying to print the document and then see that the printer error message on your canon printer. One you will see that everything is working as it is supposed to be, and then the next day you cannot even print a single document even if it is in black and white.

So what are the causes of the canon printer not printing? Well, let us see that below:

Why does your canon printer won’t print?

Canon printers are great printers that are used to print simple documents for school or work. The canon printers may print pictures and brochures and as you paid for the new brand printer, it is going to work as such.

There are various factors that can make the printer stop printing. We can all agree that if it is not printing as something might be preventing it from working properly. It does not matter what brand of printer is that you might have been using and most users claim that you will face one problem or another at some point in time.

Let us discuss some of the common reasons responsible for this issue:

Empty ink cartridges:

When you have a small amount of ink inside the printer, then the printer’s ink cartridge is considered empty. When you have empty cartridges, it will stop the canon printer from printing the documents regularly.

Empty paper tray:

Most of the printer is going to show that it is already out of the paper. There is an issue with the blinking light of the error message that indicates that you are out of the paper. Well, adding more paper to the printer is easily going to fix the issue.

Paper jam:

Jammed printers can cause many issues to the printer’s mechanism. You won’t be able to use the printer easily. If there is a paper jam such as small debris, then it can easily jam your printer.

When there is small or tiny debris, it can cause your printer to show a paper jam.

Error on Ink Cartridge:

The ink cartridges are very important in operating your printer so a simple error on of them can cause the canon printer to stop working. Well, for the ink cartridge errors, the most common fix is to do the ink cartridge replacement.

Wireless issue:

Well, most of the canon printers are wireless printers. And the wireless printers are going to face connection issues either with your PC or the Wireless network. Well, if you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi router, then it is going to cause your printer not to print any documents from the PC or from the smartphone.

Printer drivers are corrupted:

You must know that the printer’s drivers deserve a bridge between the printer and the devices. It is very much similar to the wireless connection, except it can be installed on your computer. The printer driver is then going to give the instructions to the printer on what documents need to be printed and how to print them.

The corrupted driver is going to forestall the canon printer from printing the documents properly.

Well let us now see how to fix the canon printer won’t print:

One of the great things about having a canon printer is that there are a lot of online resources that you can use in order to fix the printer. Whether you are facing any issue, then you will be able to resolve all the issues without contacting aunty experts.

Let us see what are the common steps that apply to all the canon printer issues:

Basic canon printer checkup:

Well, it is advised that all the printer owners must do a basic printer checkup before you are going to any other troubleshooting steps. Let us see our guide through which you will be able to check your printer:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to turn on your canon printer.
  • After that check the display screen if you are getting any error messages and make sure that all the buttons are working properly or not.
  • Make sure that you are placing the document on the scanner glass.
  • After that select the copy button in order to make a copy of the document.

If you were able to copy the documents successfully, then you can easily proceed to the basic troubleshooting steps below:

Canon printer drivers on the PC:

If you see that the Canon printer is not painting properly, then it will be caused by the corrupt printer drivers. The printer drivers must be up to date for many security reasons. There are many out-of-date printer drivers that can cause printer issues.

So it is best that you enable the automatic updates on the printer drivers so that there is less hassle on your end. One of the ways through which you will know if there is an issue with the printer drivers is when you are not able to print any documents from a PC or laptop.

Well, the option to choose between the printing with the Black ink or the colored document printout is not going to show if the driver of the printer is not corrupted. In order to fix the canon printer driver, you need to remove the old printer’s driver first.

In order to do that, you need to go to the computer’s control panel and then uninstall the printer driver from there

These are some of the ways through which you won’t be able to resolve the issue of canon printer won’t print. If you see that you are still not able to resolve this issue, then you get in touch with the official experts. They will provide you with the best solutions!

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