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5 Entrepreneurial Women You Need to Know

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It is true that we still have a lot to go forward because we live in a society with a lot of fear about the position of women in the market. However, despite all the difficulties, statistics on female entrepreneurship are encouraging.

According to data from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, about 51% of Brazil’s new businesses in 2018 were created by women. In addition, 35% of Brazilian companies have entrepreneurial women behind them, according to Sebrae.

And to inspire new entrepreneurial women, nothing better than to know incredible stories of those who succeeded. Check out the list of 5 women who started from scratch and achieved great success in their areas through female entrepreneurship.

Cristina Junqueira

Have you heard of Nubank? It is fintech that has revolutionized the Brazilian financial market by offering credit card services totally free of fees.

Nubank was popular due to its non-annuity red cards. This wave quickly spread, becoming highly popular among young people. Today, the company integrates the select group of Brazilian unicorns, as they are called startups valued over 1 billion dollars!

Much of this success is due to Cristina, the only woman among the founding partners of the billionaire company.

Cristina began her career as a young woman. She majored in Engineering at USP and majored in American universities. Still in the United States, she participated in a selective process to work in the operation of a large bank in Brazil, so she returned to the country.

After making a successful career at the bank, his highly disruptive ideas no longer fit the “status quo”. Resolved, then, to leave to play his own project.

He invested pocket money and, along with two other partners, raised the Nubank Absolute Zero operation.

Zica Assis

Zica is nickname for Heloisa Helena Assis, one of the founders of the famous Natural Beauty salon network.

At the age of nine, this enterprising woman was already working as a nanny. From there she went to the maid, a maid, and she never stopped.

At that time, his bulging hair was viewed with prejudice. According to Zica herself, people ended up associating him with a sloppy person, which ended up disrupting his work.

Starting from this need to control her own hair volume, she began to study the subject thoroughly and test various formulas in herself and in her family.

It was about 10 years of trial and error to find the secret formula for perfect curls.

With the discovery, came the entrepreneurial vein. After all, if she had this problem, probably other women could as well. Then came the idea of ​​setting up a beauty salon.

Natural Beauty began as a hall at the back of a small estate, something that was only possible due to the sale of a beetle.

Today, there are already dozens of units scattered throughout Brazil, in addition to the expansion of the brand outside Brazil and the online operation.

Gisele Bündchen

World-renowned Brazilian supermodel, she has been nominated by Forbes on several occasions as the highest paid model in the world and one of the most influential women in the world.

Gisele started her career at age 14. From then on, with her personality and highly enterprising characteristics, she conquered not only the fashion world.

He also starred in campaigns for the world’s most famous brands and appeared in Hollywood productions.

In addition to her solid career as a model, from which she bid farewell in 2016 – making her last parade at the opening of the Rio Olympics – Gisele has always been a great entrepreneur.

Despite being “retired,” she continues to earn high with her personal brand developed over more than 20 years of career, which guarantees millionaire advertising contracts. Gisele also invests in companies in the intimate fashion and cosmetics market.

Oprah Winfrey

She is one of the greatest personalities of American entertainment of all time. Oprah is a symbol of empowerment and endurance for enterprising women, especially for black women.

To get an idea, according to Forbes, Oprah Winfrey is the only black woman at the top of the list of people who made their own fortune from scratch.

But getting to the top was not easy at all. She had to fight against prejudice and against sexual violence. In addition, during her teenage years, she even lost a baby, which was a turning point in her life.

In the mid-1970s, she began her career as a TV presenter and shortly thereafter debuted a program that ran for 25 years: the Oprah Winfrey Show. This is considered one of the most successful shows in the history of American TV.

After the show ended, Oprah launched her own television station, as well as acting in film production and engaging in philanthropic action.

Sophia Amoruso

You may not know her by that name, but you may have heard the expression “Girlboss,” often used to identify successful entrepreneurial women.

The term became very popular thanks to the autobiographical book of Sophia, that quickly reached the list of books sold in the ranking of The New York Times. In fact, his story also turned out to be a Netflix series.

All this success is due to the fact that Sophia Amoruso is founder of Nasty Gal, Ecommerce of gigantic Fashion of the American market.

His story is well out of standard, which ends up making it so interesting.

After going through difficult periods in her teens, where she even picked up food scraps from the bins to feed herself, Sophia was considered by Forbes to be one of the youngest people to make a fortune from scratch and on her own.

And all this turnaround, from broken to millionaire, began thanks to Ecommerce. Betting on sales in marketplaces, Girlboss gained popularity and built one of the largest vintage clothing brands in the world.

You can also!
You should have noticed that in all stories persistence is one of the key features in entrepreneurs.

If you also dream of building a successful business from scratch, know that it is entirely possible.

In addition to persistence, you may notice that they are all entrepreneurs who adapt and always seek to learn. As it illustrates very well the history of Zica, that to solve a problem of its own, was to study more about hair.

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