WordPress vs Squarespace: Best Comparison 2020

These two platforms are the most popular and highly recommended in terms of website development. However, both of the kinds vary in terms of usage, features, integration, and pricing focusing to serve the same purpose. Consequently, WordPress and Squarespace target a separate set of people.

In this article, we sorted out the main differences in detail of both highly used platforms. However, we should first briefly understand each of their concepts.

The WordPress

It is also known as the Content Management System (CMS) through which its users can develop all kinds of websites. With more than 60 percent market share, WordPress is highly utilized for managing content throughout the world. 455,000,000 websites out of 13 billion are utilizing WordPress, in accordance with a research of Netcraft.

Furthermore, WordPress comes in two types for its users:

⦁ Self-Hosted WordPress

It is free of cost version of CMS which appears as an open-source portion of software present for downloading at their main website. To get your website development through it, you have required some third-party mediums such as; themes, hosting solution and plugins.

As it comes with the “cost-free” factor, often-times users possess a misconception that the “launching through self-hosted WordPress” through WordPress based website requires no cost. The software contains no charges but, domain registration, hosting, premium themes, and 3rd party plugins and some other features too, aren’t cost-free.

WordPress vs Squarespace

⦁ Hosted WordPress

Hosted WordPress is most of the time considered as WordPress.com, a different product of “Automattic”. WordPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg 16 years before in the form of Open-source software. Later on, it was an enhanced feature-wise by Automattic to provide ease to their customers regarding coding and development.

In contrast with the first type, WordPress.com is present with a monthly fee of subscription to serve unlimited access in terms of features allowing you to develop and control WordPress based websites.

The Squarespace

On the other hand, this second type is also a website creating a platform. Similar to WordPress, you are required to submit monthly charges as soon as you register for their services. Squarespace also comes with its two versions. The first is its Standard version, it develops websites serving the drag and drop option.


In contrast with WordPress, Squarespace comes with their own created templates which form helpful in terms of website creation so that you won’t have to opt for third party options; themes, hosting or plugins. It developer aspect is utilized by the developers to gain more depth into customization. More functions can be added by developers as well as more templates can also be established.

After having their concepts cleared, let’s focus on their differences:

Plans concerning their Prices:

WordPress vs Squarespace

Both platforms, WordPress and Squarespace, possess a price tag. The price range concerning Squarespace ranges from $12 to $40. Within which, it serves Hosting, 24/7 support system, SSL certificates and Free Custom Domain. In the range, the price increase from $26, would offer you Donations, Ecommerce Analytics, Fully Integrated Ecommerce, Point of Sale, Advanced Shipping and Gift Cards.

Squarespace pricing

Secondly, WordPress is free of cost in terms of downloading. However, launching a WordPress website wouldn’t be cost-free. First and foremost, you should have a hosting provider to send your website live on the web. Around $10 to $30 per month, you can avail a good WordPress hosting.

WordPress vs. Squarespace for Price: Go for WordPress

Convenience in terms of operation

The Squarespace is known as the drag and drop website building platform which makes it convenient for the non-tech related people to launch their websites from the start. You should get signed up before beginning. Select a template, then to add content purse clicking “Page” button. For creating a blog, click “+” to begin and then you can easily start typing. Click “Publish” once you are done writing, to get your content published.

Squarespace Platform

WordPress possess two different types of editors. Till the year 2017, WordPress used to have a Classic Editor, though being old school; it was loved by the users as it was simple and effective. You can also easily develop unique posts in your website with its help. Gutenberg appeared in WordPress 5.0 as a new version aiming drag and drop concerned users. Similar to, Squarespace, Gutenberg utilizes blocks to insert various content kinds for a page.

WordPress vs. Squarespace for Ease: Opt for Squarespace

The flexibility aspect

It appears in WordPress at the moment when any website creator or CMS goes through the way. You don’t need to hire a developer to discover its flexibility. A broad range of plugins is the main reason of popularity for WordPress. It assists in further enhancing the websites in terms of functioning. But, they can also contain compatibility problems that can split or form loopholes on your website, in the end forming ease for the hackers.

Comapring squarespace and WordPress

Squarespace does not contain a lot of plugins when comparing with WordPress however; you can stay full confident in terms of loopholes or website the breaking because of Squarespace’s team. Due to which, it is considered reliable.

WordPress vs. Squarespace in flexibility: Select WordPress

Unique and attractive designs

Squarespace is also known for keeping readymade templates for every kind of website. Presently, it has consisted of more than 70 readymade themes/templates to be used for designing your websites. Although, it seems like the amount is less, yet it tends to be enough in assisting you with designing any kind of website. Moreover, it can also give you decent design options with editing facilities. With the help of which you can change colors, font types and you can also apply buttons on your webpage.

On the other hand, WordPress is comprised of more than 3500 themes being GPL-licensed, which cannot be compared with any other platform. These themes can be noted as being sold to theme developers from a third party and they are also sold at various themes based marketplaces whereas, few of these themes can also be outdated with poor functionality and design.


WordPress vs. Squarespace in designing: Opt for WordPress

Making the final decision

Concerning the main aspect which matters to you the most, either design, utilization, price or flexibility, you can easily decide with which platform you have to go and which could benefit as per your main needs or plans.

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