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WPITECH is the fastest rising blogging and news portal for targeting Global Tech industry. We look forward to the best writers to showcase their abilities and knowledge through writing for us for greater technology-oriented audience.

Topics that we require to cover through our Professionals

  1. PHP
  2. WordPress & Ecommerce
  3. Hosting reviews
  4. Technology
  5. Business
  6. SEO & Advertising

Submission Guideline

1. Minimum 1000 words article
2. Feature Image
3. One Do follow Link Approve
4. Article Published within 24 hours
5. Send file in Word doc.
6. Compulsory include headings related to keyword “H2, H3 and H4 tag”
7. Not accept any promotional/product content
8. Write Meta Title & Meta Description with the article.

Send Guest Post to our editorial team contact@wpitech.com

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